Why Advertise on Television?

Advertising is an essential way to gain awareness of your business to the general public. If consumers are unaware of what your business has to offer, then chances are, your business will not thrive or may not gain as much market share as it could. You may have a superior product or service, but that is useless without brand awareness to gain public knowledge.

Advertising has many components. An assortment of advertising options are available depending upon what type of business, target audience, location and budget your company requires.

Television is an amazing advertising medium and continues to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. Advertising via commercials on television can strategically target your audience to increase the likelihood that the appropriate “target audience” for your business/service is watching during your broadcast by:

  • Placing your commercials during the specific time day/night, to the specific age group.
  • Targeting specific genders utilizing strategically placed commercials during shows that are typically watched by a certain gender.
  • Having a captive audience. Your message is not competing with any other medium for the length of your commercial!

One might be thinking, “Okay so if I decide to advertise on television, how do I begin?” First, your company must have at least one 30-second commercial with an effective message. It should contain a unique phone number and website landing page to effectively track inquires resulting from your broadcast.

Litchfield Park Design Group can assist with every step of the process; from commercial creation, broadcast scheduling to strategically targeting your audience, website landing page creation and more. It may seem like a daunting task, but let us guide you through the process to get your business in front of your target audience today. With television remaining one of the best advertising mediums, why wait?


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